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Revolutionizing the concept of (farming) food.

By 2050, we will be 9 billion people on the planet.
Agriculture is today already one of the sectors contributing the most to climate change, accounting for almost ⅓ of all the greenhouse gases.
We must work towards feeding all these people while using less natural resources than we do today.

Also in 2050, it’s projected that 68% of the population will live in urban areas. And cities depend heavily on traditional agriculture for food. Farming is becoming less reliable due to climate change and high freshwater consumption. Unpredictable weather makes it vulnerable. A sustainable urban development requires a more resilient food-supply.

The urban environment increases our heart rates and decrease our well-being. We are more stressed than ever in the concrete jungle. We spend almost 40% of our awaken time at work, mostly indoors.
We need to re-connect to nature
- not only through green plants - but through farming.

What we do

At Hollbium, we ensure our solutions meet the user’s need, while minimizing the impact we have on the planet. We address the problems head on by providing a concept combining Scandinavian biophilic design, sustainable agrotech and the urban dweller’s well-being.

By using hydroponics, LED and machine learning, we revolutionize our relationship with nature through farming in the urban environment. Without occupying valuable floor space we bring nature indoors, making it possible to grow greens right beside your desk all year round, improving the well-being of the population while also contributing to a more resilient city food-supply for the future.

About Us

We are a climate impact startup bringing farming to your everyday indoor environment. As metropolitan workspaces become more and more cramped, we want to increase the well-being of inhabitants and employees, as well as work towards a sustainable future. We re-connect you with nature, by farming edible plants in your workspace or home. Imagine no longer having to import fruits and greens from overseas to your table. Instead, many of the imported greens can be picked from your wall, all seasons of the year.

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Meet the fabulous team

Gustav Thorslund

Product Engineer ninja


Laura Pena Silva



Xiaojun Yu



Åsa Hassel



Giulia Di Dio Balsamo

Design Advocate


Stina Tang

Founder & Sustainability Nerd


Magnus Hagström (Devex AB)

Product Development Guru


Moa Andersson (Devex AB)

Product Development Guru


Hedwig & Pegasus

Waste Management Bunnies


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