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The Loop

Hollbium Loop is the first hydroponic farm that tranforms your walls to farmland.
Through our minimalistic design, we have created an automated and yet stylish indoor farm.
It enables you to grow herbs and veggies using a soilless growing technology, adding social and green values to your space.
The Loop will improve the quality of your everyday indoor environment, and add value to your buildings without taking up any floor space.
Today, 90% of the population spends at least eight hours per day in an indoor work environment.
By bringing in edible plants into your office space, the Loop creates better air quality, a more sustainable building,
and a more vibrant working space that helps your business to grow.

What you can do with Hollbium Loop

Improve air quality

Educate on sustainability

Harvest weekly

Enrich space quality

Be part of the circular economy

Create shared lunches

What we do

At Hollbium, we ensure our solutions meet the user’s need, while minimizing the impact we have on the planet.
We address the problems head on by providing a concept combining Scandinavian biophilic design, sustainable agrotech and the urban dweller’s well-being.
By using hydroponics, LED and machine learning, we revolutionize our relationship with nature through farming in the urban environment.
Without occupying valuable floor space we bring nature indoors, making it possible to grow greens right beside your desk all
year round, improving the well-being of the population while also contributing to a more resilient city food-supply for the future.

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What you can grow with Hollbium


Leafy greens




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Meet the fabulous team

Gustav Thorslund

Product Development


Giulia Di Dio Balsamo

Design Lead


Stina Tang

Founder & Sustainability Nerd


Johan Backholm

Business Developer


Andrés Prieto Yanes

Product Development


Åsa Hassel


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